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selling diamonds Raleigh NC

After my husband and I got divorced in 2009, I kept my engagement ring. Although it was a beautiful ring and I loved the look of it, I didn't like how it constantly reminded me of my past marriage and I never wore it.

After an incredibly hard 6 months at my job, I decided it was time for a vacation,but unfortunately money was a little tight. So one morning I decided that my ring wasn't doing any good sitting in my dresser. I brought it in to J.R. Raleigh and their staff was so understanding and helpful, it was great. They gave me many different options of things to do with my ring and diamond.  I contemplated using my diamond to make a custom necklace, but I decided it would be best to just sell them the diamond. I was able to take the money I got from the diamond, pay off one of my credit cards and finally go on that much needed vacation to the Bahamas! Thank you  J.R. Raleigh for all your help.

Rachel W.

selling gold raleigh nc

When my grandmother passed away, I inherited a jewelry box full of what I thought was just junk. After letting it sit in my closet for about two years, I decided to try and sell some of it. I had seen many commercials about businesses buying gold and I thought that I could get at least $100 out of it.

When I brought all my items in to J.R. Raleigh Gold and Diamond, they sorted through them and told me what was of value and what was just costume jewelry that should be kept for sentimental value. When it came time to weigh all the jewelry I had just over 6oz of gold and they gave me over $2,000 for it!

Teddy C.


Did You Know?

sell gold Over the past two decades, gold prices have increased by over 350%.

Unfortunately, speculations are uncertain whether or not the price of gold will remain this high. Many investors believe that with the housing market beginning to come back, gold prices will begin to drop in the same way they did in the early 1980's.


"I was able to pay off my car loan with the money I got from J.R. Raleigh."
Mark Johnson
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